Understanding Ahadith


It has been more than 1400 years since our beloved Prophet (S) passed away from this temporary world and because of this and numerous other factors, it is quite difficult to ascertain the authenticity of any hadith firstly, and then understand its context and purport secondly. Historically, scholars have applied various methods to establish the authenticity of ahadith and then tried to get to the heart of the meanings of the ahadith. Unfortunately, some methods that have been used do not cater for all the problems that traditions have had to endure over the centuries and are thus inadequate. This has left a large vacuum for the current generation who are constantly grappling with the problem of interpreting ahadith that seem to be too far-fetched for any sane mind to fathom.

So the big question is: Is it not time for us now to develop a better system of authenticating and understanding ahadith?

Our answer: Yes – definitely!

Wa Billahi al-Tawfeeq

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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